Igartubeiti Dantzan

Dantzan dolare ertzean.

Exhibition held at Igartubeiti Baserri Museoa (Ezkio-Itsaso, Gipuzkoa), from June 13 to September 30, 2019.

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The exhibition presents a selection of photos taken in Igartubeiti during the shooting of Dantza by Telmo Esnal (Txintxua Films, 2018), as well as the costumes and props used by the dantzaris in the scenes shot on the farm that were designed and produced by the sculptor Koldobika Jauregi.

I also presented some of these images in another exhibition related to the film Dantza (Dancing in front of the cameras), but most of them are unpublished, and on this occasion they are accompanied by photos of the Igartubeiti's making of. As I said in the presentation of that exhibition, it was during these first film shoots, in the spring of 2014, that I fell in love with the project of Esnal, Jauregi and Urbeltz, it was then that this photographic project came to me.

This exhibition was also supported by the production company Txintxua Films.

May 2019.


Almute dantza.